Please view some of our clients and completed projects below:

BRT project for City of Cape Town

Fibre installation and splicing, all relevant switches, patching, Wi-Fi installation, pay-point installation in cashier kiosks and maintenance on card readers and fibre network.

8ta roll out

Full new site builds on 2G and 3G, full LTE upgrades, responsible for maintenance on 100+ sites.


Full new site builds on iBurst roll out, installation of microwave links, installation of Wi-Fi, Metronet Links and maintenance on iBurst network and equipment.


• The assembly of NSN BTS 2g, 3g & LTE equipment and commissioning of Core BTS processors
• Specification cabling (Reticulation) & earthing of equipment installed.
• Classic and Distributed RF radio installations
• Mini-cell conversions to Macro-cell RF distribution(ex malls and parking lot sites)
• Recovery of previous generation Base stations and cutover onto new
• Blocking / unblocking of cells for cutover process (Less than 10minutes per RF generation ex 2G / 3G & LTE) for minimal downtime.


• Full site builds.
• Micro-Wave link installation, Point to Point and Point to Multi Point.
• AP-Base Stations.
• Various equipment


• AP-Base Stations
• Micro-Wave Link Installation, Point to Point and Point to Multi Point.
• Various equipment.

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